Flavor, Community, and Opportunity in the South Willamette Valley

Flavor, Community, and Opportunity
in the South Willamette Valley


About Us

Eugene’s Table unites the food and beverage manufacturing community in the greater Eugene area to solidify our region as a hub for world-class companies. We lead collaborative development projects, promote our products and values, and create opportunities to share knowledge and resources.


The greater Eugene area is a mecca for a huge variety of food products. The temperate climate and rich soils support the production of over 250 commodity crops here in the Willamette Valley, giving manufacturers direct access to many of the ingredients used in their products. Located right on Interstate 5 less than 500 miles from both The Bay Area and Seattle, Eugene provides a nearly perfect location for distribution up and down the West Coast. With two research universities, two community colleges, and rich history of food and beverage manufacturing in the region, there is a substantial pipeline of talent and passion fueling the local industry.

Clusters of ripe Pinot Noir grapes ready for harvest at a Willamette Valley vineyard near Eugene


The Greater Eugene area is home to a diverse group of world-class food and beverage companies. We are honored to champion this family of brands.

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From the diversity of activities, the incredible food and people, to the strong job opportunities, there are plenty of reasons for you to chose to live, work, and play in the greater Eugene area.

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We maintain a centralized collection of materials, services, and other resources available to Eugene- and Oregon-based companies.


A local restauranteur’s experience of our world class ingredients and tight knit food community here in the Greater Eugene area.



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The greater Eugene, Oregon area is one of the birthplaces of the natural foods movement. Learn how our local independent retailers helped grow some of the biggest names in the industry!



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